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About Happyconsultancy

Who are we ?

Happy Consultancy is a virtual consultancy company that concentrates on computer technology, design, finance and mindfulness. We operate exclusively on the web because we haven't yet found a good place to build our headquarters. Also our employees live in many different places (some themselves virtual). On the website you will find various articles written by our regular staff.

Our staff:

  • Derek Thompson is our finances and money man. He gets the task of counting the beans and whenever we have a project going on he is the natural volunteer for the management tasks.
  • Marcus Wilton is our resident peace guru. He is easily the most relaxed of our team and during lunch breaks he gives the rest of us free anger management therapy.
  • Art Minkovski is the graphics guy on our team. If it is rasterizable or vectorizable he is interested. He is responsible for the design and layout of this site as well.
  • Robo Mos 6502 is currently the only non-human on the team. He is the technological expert, knowing his way around anything that can be programmed, from Mainframes to VCRs.

Between them they can assist in a wide range of problems or tasks. Some of their hints and tips will be published on the site, so check back.

sincerely, the MT