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Buildkit-cli for kubectl

Building images on the cluster

Developing and testing on a kubernetes cluster usually means building a new image, pushing it to your registry, then pulling and redeploying your containers. Especially for local clusters, like on premises or even on your own workstation in a vm, it would be nice to be able to build your images directly on the nodes, making turn around much faster. Buildkit already exists, but now a new github project makes this even easier by giving you a kubectl extension to build directly on your cluster using regular kubectl commands. 

Migrating to a static site

Migrating the old site

The old site was hosted on Drupal 6 and when we were planning to redesign it and move to Drupal 8, the question arose what to do with the old site. We decided to archive it and host it as a static site, for nostalgic reasons. Below is a description of how we did this using a combination of Httrack, Docker and Kubernetes. The end result is a static site that is build in a CI/CD pipeline and deployed on a Kubernetes cluster using Helm.

Check out the end result:

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